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dsc04901-1Well this is the blurb page where I mercilessly plug my creations

First up is the Squiggly Normans,they are not a toy… they are a piece of art, they are whatever you want it to be.

The Squiggly Normans came in to being by a strange series of random occurrences. The very first ones were textile samples from college back in 1998 that got a bit out of control.


After displaying them in the Knit & Stitch show that year couldn’t find a practical use for them, so I left them lying around my house where they gathered dust and the occasional funny look. Then, some years later a friend had the brilliant idea of putting a little face on them. The Squiggly Norman was born.

Coat of Arms. I have been making one of a kind teddy bears and other creatures for some years now. I made my first bear for my sister as a birthday present  and I was instantly bitten by the bear bug. I use the finest materials, traditional manufacturing techniques and patterns of my own design to create something special that will hopefully become a family heirloom and a much loved friend. When you buy a Hoggins Bears you are buying  a labour of love as they can take up to a week to make and each one is made solely  by myself, this is reflected in their high cost. That said, you will never find another one like your bear so you will be able to own or to give as a present something truly unique. You can find what bears are currently available or commission a special bear to your own requirements at www.squigglynorman.co.uk/bears Mishka

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