Bloody hell! That was hard work! After six months of daily reading I have finally finished reading Alan Moore’s Jerusalem. At 600,000 words, 1200 pages of 6 point type it outlasted one relationship, numerous grandiose art projects and probably a couple of internal organs. Spanning two thousand years (or several billion, depending on how you look at it) and featuring sections in, first person, third person, phonetics and poetry it is a fascinating but exhausting read. So much so that I was forced to re buy the thing on kindle as between my eyes suffering from the tiny type and my heart suffering from the weight, I almost admitted  defeat on the thing at several points. I must admit, now that I’ve finished, I feel a sense of entitlement about it all, like I deserve a badge or a medal or something. Something to mark that time spent, it’s not like I go to dinner parties and can drop it into a conversation and quite frankly, the dinner parties I have been to in recent history involve ‘hilarious’ tales of what people did whilst drunk and ‘fascinating’ stories of gigs gone to and holidays gone on and I doubt anyone would have been interested in a book. God! People are so depressing!  The point is, I did it and in the world that bounces around inside my head, it’s all there somewhere as an experience and that is all it needs to be.

 It is rather nice reading a ‘normal’ book again. I find kindles souless and inelegant, all that plastic and lack of tangibility, it feels good to hold a proper book in my hands again and smell the ink and paper. I expected to feel a sense of loss on finishing it as it has been part of my life for so long, it seems to be quite the opposite. I actually feel relief, more than anything, and a quiet sense of completion. I guess when you finish a god book, you have all the answers that there are, the loose ends are all tied up and everything makes as much sense as it every will. When much in life ends, it is a raggedy mess with questions hanging in the air and you are left feeling empty and drained and short changed. Nothing makes sense and it never will. I like books better.


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