To the power of one.

As regular readers may have gathered, I am not exactly a team player. I have found that whenever I have had to get other people to work for me, I have either felt uncomfortable asking them to work as hard as I do or I spend as long trying to explain how to do things The Chris Way that I could have done it myself in half the time. I am much better working for other people and can cheerfully put my ego to one side whilst I do, but others working for me…. not good!

The thing I find really hard is dealing with groups, sitting and listening to people take charge for no other reason than they talk the loudest leaves me cold as does having to listen to someone talk complete and utter garbage with such conviction that others start following their lead. Suffice to say, I do not do groups.

Being a lone voice isn’t easy, having an independently formed opinion isn’t either. I found out with my recent trolling experience disagreeing with the herd, even amongst those claiming to support the likes of myself (so long as we shut up and do what we are told) will happily stoop to personal and wildly inaccurate attacks at the drop of a hat. Whilst the local Trollidarity’s contribution to the general election jollities has been some utterly meaningless and counterproductive fly posting, mine has mostly been peeling them off the walls again because they do more harm to the cause than good. There is my other little project coming, but that is more long term and will be getting a blog of its own soon enough.

I’m not the only person hereabouts to walk away from the herd, a friend of mine also fails to own the prerequisite rose coloured spectacles and list of stock opinions  and views to refer to and has subsequently been an independent candidate in past local elections. This time he is on the sidelines supporting another local candidate in the general elections. Both he and his candidate have been getting some trolling of late, including some, I suspect, from the same people who hassle me. One of the things that saddens me is just how nasty and unpleasant other people on the left wing tend to be and it shames me to be one of them. It’s as if their belief in fairness as they choose to view it gives them a moral imperative to be the most vile people going. 

It is with all this in mind that I watch as a little bit of filming that my friend took of Home Secretary Amber Rudd, seeming to show the aforementioned independent candidate being shut down for talking about dodgy practices directly linked to her family. The film is currently going viral and irony of ironies being shared by the exact same arsehats who have been trolling him and probably would myself were my security settings any lower. The video is causing more harm to our local mp than all the ridiculous nonsense all the local wankers have done put together.

I’m not going to put words in his mouth, but from my own perspective it goes to show just how redundant a group of babbling idiots are in comparison to just one person who can think for themselves and actually knows what they are doing.


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