Time, no refunds.

It’s funny how things catch you sometimes. This little meme popped up on my Facebook feed today and it was so utterly perfect, so very true. You can never get that year, that month, that hour, that minute, that second back. Whoosh! There goes another bit of time, gone! Byeeee!  Many years ago now, I worked for the civil service, we worked on flexi time, writing in the times we came and went, seven hours twelve minutes a day, thirty six hours a week for eight years, give or take holiday. I have the time sheets tucked away somewhere, I figured they would make and interesting bit of art. I think about that time and where the money went, stuff, clothes, records, books, booze, travel, cigarettes, concert tickets.I guess it probably got me laid occasionally and kept me in food. That’s it really, I can’t account for much of that time. You do that when you work in a ‘proper job’ you try and make that time spent mean more by using that money well, but the gigs of which there were many, are just fuzzy memories, the stuff, obsolete, the records are much part of a past that I don’t need to cling to live in ghost form as MP3 files, barely, if ever, played. The books I have, the books I love but how many can I reread in a lifetime whist I keep devouring new ones? 

Right now, I have little money but I use it well, money is working energy, money is materials, money is body fuel, money is research and information. Time though…. Ah time! Time is much more precious than gold and diamonds, time is life, and you can never get it back when it has gone. I’m fortunate now as I can so readily account for much of my time, this bit of meandering here for example. I only ever write it for me, if someone reads it, fine, if they don’t, fine too, I know how I felt today, which is very useful. Mostly it’s accountable now through art though, I can track where I was in my head and the world by paintings, drawings, sketchbook and all that. 

I guess since my brush with the grim reaper last year I have become even more acutely aware of time misused. That said, merely sitting feeling the sun on your skin or watching the light glittering on the sea is time well spent, time with good friends and lovely family members is too. Time spent with arseholes though or, even worse, time spent doing things for arseholes… That is the worst thing in the world, you are effectively murdering time there and murdering yourself a little bit too.

Anyway, enough of this. Things to do and people…. Well, people to avoid. 

Time to get a wiggle on.


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