Words on a stick, heads on spikes.

Do you remember that time when the miners heroically brought down Thatcher’s government by going on strike and waving their placards about?

Well, what about that time that cnd stopped the uk from spending billions of nuclear weapons by parading through London, banners held high? 

Do you remember when Tony Blair and George Dubya saw the millions walk past their front doors and gave up on invading Iraq? 

Well, what about when thousands around the world knitted pink hats and paraded about and a narcisistic psychopath threw his hands up in the air and quit trying to be president of the United States? 

Do you remember any of those? 


That’s because they never happened!

The local election results for the uk came in this morning and labour has slid massively in the polls to the conservatives. My heart sank as I saw this as it is a fair indication of what will happen in the forthcoming general election. In all likelyhood labour will lose the general election and with it will go the remainder of the NHS and welfare system and I’ll probably end up homeless and destitute not long after. I have no love for the Tories and I have and always will vote labour, the problem is that so few of the genuinely working class will. Why is that?

The problem, as I see it, is the left leaning middle class. 

Firstly, the genuine working class spend a lot of their time feeling angry and why wouldn’t they? If you work your arse off for poor pay or feel shut out of work entirely, are terrified of getting ill because it’s nigh on impossible to see a doctor unless you camp outside the surgery or blow all your phone minutes on hold to the surgery. Education is denied to you and when you do get it, the good jobs go to kids who’s mummies and daddies can fund their dreams until the big money rolls in. You get desperate, vote for anyone, anything that may just shift the balance and, surprise, surprise, it just gets worse. And if that isn’t enough, there are those middle class people with their university educations waving their words on sticks again, and if you want them to sod off, they shit on you a bit more by accusing you of being bitter. There is an honesty to an out and out greedy bastard Tory, you might hate them but at least they don’t insult your intelligence by pretending to be like you. The middle class left wing rob you of your dignity as well as your cash.

The final nail in the left’s coffin as a force for social mobility came at some point in 1997 when the smug, overprivaledge, new labour, Peter Mandelson was asked how his government was going to help the manufacturing industries. He turned around and said, “we don’t do spanner work” and with that, severed the last tie with labour and the genuine working class.

There was a time when the working class was feared… Now it is just viewed with contempt, and by none more so than the left leaning middle class.

Much credit is taken by many parties for the strides in rights for workers and humans in general but in most cases change, real change, has been brought about by fear. The biggest upheavals in the British social structure came about last century after the first and second world wars, the ruling classes had the sense to see what was happening in Russia and China and realised that, with a military trained and organised working class back from the war, it would be prudent to show willing for once and think of other people rather than themselves. If you look at any element of lasting social change over the last few hundred years, 99% has been bought about by angry people or fear of them, be that in the form of riots, direct action or things much more extreme, the odd slogan may come along with them but it is the anger that changed things, not words on sticks.

When the active left scratch their collective heads and wonder why the poor and the working classes aren’t voting to prevent their own extinction, they have no further to look than in the mirror. Those actively engaged fall into a number of distinct categories, I naïve younger element, often students, with little or no understanding of the complexity of human nature and a middle to old age segment, guilty at their own relative wealth and good fortune and eager to relive those heady student days of their youth. This accounts for the distinctly eighties feel that left wing politics has now and the ramshackle, cobbled together, nature of it all. It’s understandable really, after the overly slick nature of New Labour and all the evils it spewed forth, you would want to distance yourself from those past horrors as much as possible. There are limits though… As I’ve said before (much to their disgust) the local left wing are an utter joke, I cringe every time I see their poorly daubed and badly spaced name emblazoned along a town full of the beautiful typographic grafiti of world famed Ben Eine, all they are saying to anyone not already a convert is “look at us, what a bunch of amateurish clowns we are!”  I want to vomit when I see their name magic markered onto tinned food donated to a food bank that you need a dwp reference to get food out of and then my stomach turns inside out as they throw themselves little fundraising dos and pat themselves on the back and then they try and make the fatal mistake of trying to be down with the kids. There are few things more embarrassing that middle aged people trying to hang around with people in their teens and twenties, you might fool a few of the madder or more gullible ones but don’t even try, you just come across as pathetic.

There has been so much talk about why so few young people vote and the answer is the same as above, pretty much, “look at yourselves” by its nature, politics is full of bullshit, politicians are full of bullshit, anyone not weighed down by  responsibility can smell it. Politicians don’t speak for them, don’t act like them and when they try it is so insincere, just try and be honest, they might respect you then…. Might. You want them to respect you, try not being wankers for a change.

The other thing that loses respect (and votes) is their utter contempt for their own dissenters, let alone anyone with other political views. I’ve seen such venom sprayed between factions on the left of late, it’s been like the people’s front of Judea in Monty Python’s The Life of Brian and as for the nasty shit about anyone voting for centre or further politics… As if making more enemies will help their cause.

It’s only a month until the general election and I suspect that the Tories will get back in again. I pray that I will be wrong but the way things are going, I doubt it. It seems the way of the left now is to mutter “I told you so” from the sidelines, as if that helps in some way, followed by years more of pointless committees and “if we were in charge” rhetorics spouted from people who clearly aren’t  even in charge of their own lives, let alone a country. It is with more than a little irony that here I am getting my “I told you” so in first.


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