Seeing Red

I have in the past been accused of being both negative and bitter, I have to disagree strongly with both assumptions. I think the problem is that people aren’t aware of the perception filters that they view the world through, permanently glued on rose coloured spectacles and, in some cases, blinkers that keep them safe in their cosy little world. I think I trod on my rose  coloured spectacles a long way back because for some strange reason I actually see what is there rather than what I’m expected to see.

Today is May Day and in the strange town I live in there is an odd confluence going on. There is the Jack In the green pseudo pagan festival where a version of paganism from the dawn of time (well, the seventies) celebrates fertility, fecundity and, erm, stuff. For some reason I have never quite grasped, there is also an influx of motorbikes and bikers, I can hear them roaring past now and it’s only early morning. As if this wasn’t bewildering enough, it’s also international workers day where we remember the plight of all our toiling brothers and sisters around the world and there is going to be a march of some sort.

So we have three masses of people there, all seeing the world differently. The green man people celebrating nature, the bikers showing off their chrome and steel pride and joys and the left wing workers celebrating and campaigning for more workers rights. Are they all right in their world view? They all seem to have taken one day and put totally different spins on it.

Here’s what I see…

I see people who drive cars, buy overpackaged goods and fly accross the world burning precious resources and then daub themselves in green for the day and sit on a cold and windswept outcrop and freeze in too flimsy clothes. I see (and hear) a bunch of selfish, polluting, sods, unnecessarily using fossil fuel to show off things they have bought that they really don’t need. And I see a bunch of people, mainly social and local government workers, who get paid very nice wages and good holidays to swan around from cafe to cafe, school to school and office to office, telling other people how to live their lives whilst making absolute balls ups of their own, wandering about with words on a stick before going down the pub to drop money on boozethat mostly goes straight to the government they claim to despise.

That is my view point of today. Is it any less valid than everybody else’s, Or less right because I am the only one with the bottle to put that in writing? What is more cynical, me reporting what I see and have evidence for seeing or the rampant greed, exploitation, pollution and hypocrisy that I choose not to buy into?

It’s not just today though, I see this every day and it exhausts and sickens me. I see, on both a local and national level, criminals and people who got people killed walking free, I see people who make a terrible mess of their jobs and leave the aftermath for others to deal with get paid handsomely for their failures, I see the most selfish and greedy amongst us try and preach to us about how we live our lives. 

Whilst watching Tony Blair waltz around the world after killing hundreds of thousands of people, Ed Balls dance about in sequins and blusher after helping to mess up the economy or Noel Edmunds prat about like a tit after getting some poor sod killed in an ill conceived television stunt, it’s the local characters that I see swanning around without a care in the world that really wind me up for much the same reasons. From hypocrisy, naked greed, negligence, through to corruption, peverting the course of justice and possibly manslaughter, it’s all there, walking past me in the street, parading about in silly outfits and doing things with impunity that teenagers would get asbos for doing. I have finally removed the fine details of most of the drivel from my life by having a huge Facebook notification purge but bits still trickle through. 

The silly dressing up stuff I can just about cope with, it’s the insults to mine and everyone else’s intelligence I have a problem with. From the made up back stories of the down from London crowd who were all doing something utterly amazing somewhere else before landing up here with no perceivable talent whatsoever except big mouths and boney elbows, to the constant need to patronise and demean the poor whilst using their knowledge of negotiating red tape (definitely not from jobs in the creative industries, more likely teaching and local government) to add insult to injury by paying themselves for doing so, the whole business sickens me.

Don’t worry though, I stare my critical gaze at myself in the mirror each day and find myself wanting and will happily fess up to all my many flaws, plus many more given the chance. In fact, I have had to do a load of work on myself to try and not do it anywhere near as much. The only thing that I will deny is having a fat arse, of which my snivelling, cowardly, shit of a troll accused me of a few months back. My bottom is very shapely as it goes and one of my better features and much nicer than my face. About the troll business, if you are one of the many internet curtain twitchers who read this and you know who my troll is and didn’t challenge them on it and are still associating with someone so utterly spineless, then I wish you the misery in life that you so richly deserve. I have the guts to put my name to what I write, they didn’t. If you know who did that and you never told me then you are a cunt. A scumbag of the lowest order and may your life be filled with pain and suffering and all the shit you so willingly aided and abetted in coming my way. There is no excuse for being that cowardly, that pathetic and that utterly spineless, never has been, never will. You are filth and as bad as them, end of story.

This is all part of the problem though, so few people really take a good hard look at themselves or the lives that they lead. They make up lies to tell to themselves and associate with people who buy into those lies. There are many lies in my home town today, diametrically opposed ones and mutually benificial ones all jockeying for position. They are staring you in the face should you choose to see them and while many today have their rose coloured specs and blinkers glued on, I am seeing red.


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