An old hope.

Well that was a turn up for the books!

Up pops the news that there will be another general election in the uk on my Facebook newsfeed. First, I’m checking the date of the article to see if it’s the first of April. Nope! This is real. The next thing that happens is my heart sinks for knowledge of what comes next, the fervour of political posturing, the unkeepable promises, the local nonsense as everyone’s vested interests come to the surface and they start squabbling for what they want and believe. Like many in my financial and social position, I would dearly love to have the Labour Party in power. I would dearly love to see a future for my country that doesn’t see it being asset stripped and sent back to the eighteenth century, I would also dearly love to see a future for myself that doesn’t involve being edged into oblivion by a series of abitrary government decisions designed to sweep entire sections of society out into the gutter. 

Personally, I have turned my back on mainstream politics but I will grit my teeth and tick labour of the ballot paper whilst knowing full well that there will probably be a blairite coup the second they get in power. I’ve turned my back on most things in life of late as I’m rather disappointed with, well, people being people pretty much. I’m sick of the lies, I’m sick of the fakery, I’m sick of the hypocrisy, I’m sick of the self interest, the vindictiveness and the exhibitionism. 

All the worst traits come out at election time, the political classes,  activists and party members stop talking amongst themselves and suddenly show their face in the community, as if they care about people as individuals rather than the lumpen mass of cattle that needs herding in the direction of their choosing. The simple fact as far as I’m concerned is that if you have enough time to be personally involved with politics, it is highly likely that you aren’t spending all your time struggling to keep your head above water. If you can faff about with meetings, banner waving, canvassing, what have you, you are middle class and therefore going to be patronising and essentially clueless. You have no concept of trying to survive  from one day to the next, knowing that you cannot plan for next week, let alone your next foreign holiday or concert ticket you’ve stumped out a week of a poor person’s food money on. The worst thing you can do to working class people is be condescending and it is a character trait that is rife amongst the left wing parties and activists. At least the right wing is honest about hating you, you can respect honesty, but the last thing people have once they have been shat on by life is the dignity they keep for themselves and total strangers, or worse, people you see wafting about town without a care in the world, trying to now be your chum, insulting your intelligence…. Piss off!

So how do we do it? How do we unmess up this country? 

I really do not know. 

The thing is, neither does anyone else, I just have the decency to admit that I’m cluesless.

So… Here is my slogan for election 2017.

“Vote labour! They are wankers, but slightly less evil than the other wankers.”


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