Hooooooo? Gaaaaaaa!

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the Danish concept of hygge. It’s one of those words that is impossible to translate literally, the nearest anyone can get is cosiness but it’s much more that. From what I can gather it’s all about acknowledging how bloody hard the winter months are and being especially kind to yourself. I seem to have done most of the key points by accident this year, what with sprucing up my flat for my artist’s interiors photoshoot, going on a Netflix and knitting binge that followed straight on a Netflix and teddy bear making binge. Just how rock and roll is that?  Well, I’ve done rock and roll and, do you know what? It’s really boring. Doing and of that stuff without being drunk or off your nut tends to be bloody tedious mostly. Sobriety is an excellent benchmark by which to judge most people or activities and a nice meal you prepared yourself, a hot bath in a lovely bathroom, some really lovely pyjamas, and evening of telly and making something, followed by bed in clean sheets and a big fluffy duvet and a really good book hits the spot nicely. 

I’ve had some really grim winters in my flat, pre central heating and pre thermal lined curtains,  as well as grim in the sense of the emotions and events that have surrounded them, I expect I will again, but at this moment I have achieved a small level of equilibrium where I can ride over the bumps in life without the wheels coming off. I am appreciating every moment of it while it lasts and long may it stay.

I am trying to embrace hygge or whatever it is for another reason too, which is to deal with the backlog of art and ideas I have been churning out as I can’t manage it anymore, there is too much of it and I’m swamped. This would be a good place for an “I need staff” diatribe but it’s not going to help just yet, so instead I am giving my admin head a chance to catch up with the creative one and semi informed home comforts does the trick quite nicely. I reckon I’ve got about a month of taking the evenings off before I get sucked into some grandiose scheme of my own making, but in the meantime, this knitting  won’t do itself. Byeeeee! 


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