Every cloud…

It’s funny how things work out. I discovered through the oddest of events that my blog visibility had been accidentally been set to private and must have been for a good few years. The way I found out was the damdest bit of good luck, wrapped up in some bad. My troll and stalker managed to get through my lack of commenting ability that I annoyingly had to set up by finding out that you can comment on the page headers as well as the actual blogs. My bad! I completely forgot about about them. Whoops! 

But whilst unticking all the comment boxes on the WordPress website, I discovered that the privacy settings were wrong and had been for ages…. What a dazzling piece of good fortune! 

You have to appreciate the sad commitment to trawling through my online world and its various presences though , stalking my blog, my Facebook pages and a few other places as well. So much effort! If it wasn’t so creepy it would be flattering…. And the messages! pages and pages full! and the language! I haven’t read a word of them since the second one, just forwarded it on to a few people for storage and then deleted them unread, but the readers pass comment.  Ironically, one of them is a member of their own organisation which is probably the main reason why about five of them haven’t lost their jobs yet and at least two don’t now sport criminal records. Losing their meeting hall would be the easiest to do as the centre aren’t actually allowed in their charter to hold meetings for political organisations… Nah! I’m not that mean. 

It is fascinating the version of me they have created in their twisted little underused brain, I have suspicions how they came about them. They have started to describe themselves as a type of fly now after doing some deft, stalky, nosing on a Facebook thread. Flies mostly eat shit…. and it sounds like this sad individual has been choking down on loads about me. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! And everything they do only serves to raise my moral high ground and confirm my opinions of all those involved even further.

What must it be like to be part of an organisation that can’t handle a tiny bit of critism about how they are perceived by those outside the fold?  About how, from a promising start, they went the way of so many before them and drifted into self parody, being more concerned with their Christmas party than the homeless freezing outside in the streets, trying to franchise themselves into areas covered by other organisations and doing it badly, contradicting themselves at every turn and firmly dating themselves as being stuck at some point in about 1982 with their methods and public image. 

Most of them have more brains than to troll someone else on the left though, particularly when they start out hurling insults and then go back and try and  be witty and coming up with the occasional point, which isn’t even being read by me anymore. It comes across as the whole organisation is weak and can’t cope with critism, the moment anyone stifles descent, they have lost. My troll lost with their insulting made up blog ID “go fuck yourself” before they uttered a single word …. Oscar Wilde they ain’t! 

I think the whole thing is positively hilarious and all this person has done is to confirm my opinions and give me a bit more ammunition to chuck back should I ever feel bothered enough to do it. I can see the headlines  now… ” Local Left wing group linked to hate crimes!” The Tories would be well chuffed with that one I reckon…. The kippers too, assuming they could read that is.

Anyway, I have more loveliness to make, more blogs to write and now thanks to my delightful and demented troll/stalker I have an even wider audience that will now see it, it’s funny how things work out.

Today’s cloud definitely did have a silver lining. Yay! 


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