Strange days…

It’s been an odd week to say the least it feels like it should be Friday already and I can’t remember when I last saw the sun. I’ve been making bear deliveries inbetween sorting out all the tech stuff behind a friend’s funeral and then their was the day itself. It was such a powerful experience, seeing how one person made such a positive impact on so many lives. It always the curse of such things that he was not there to witness all the love that he was being shown.

I have finally caught “the lurgy!” that’s been going ’round… I guess it was the proximity to all those people. I’ve got that calm before the storm thing going on now though. Trying to get my act together before the next new projects. One will be to help adults with learning difficulties create a set of marketable soft toys, the other… Hmm…. It’s a toss up between awkward art and the long chuntered about Monkey project… 

What I really should be doing is marketing all the stuff that I have already done… Boring! 

So instead I am knitting myself a couple of hats in camouflage intarsia (dpm, Disruptive pattern material, if you want to get technical). I used to do this sort of thing when one of my nephews was a child and thought I would have another go. I forgot what a pain in the arse all the floats, ends and separate balls were, whoops! It’s strange knitting again, I can see myself getting bored of it again very soon. It’s trendy again, but so little of it has much in the way of skill to it. The second something is trendy, I go right off it, particularly when all the show offs start getting in on the act. Oh bugger! The Cure’s Jumping Someone Else’s train has popped into my head now. Oh well, as ear worms go it ain’t bad. 

I forgot just what a slow and laborious process knitting can be when you do anything slightly fine and fiddly, plus I have to face the fact that age has definitely taken its toll. The fingers work fine still but as for the eyes… The needs to have the curtains drawn shut during the day because I can’t afford heating doesn’t help at the electric lights leave a yellow cast that throws off my colour mixing, plus the general blurriness of all the heart medication is a right pain. As for machine knitting…. Forget it! Even with the stents shawing up most of my coranary arteries, I’m not going to chance doing that. On top of that is the fear of the sedantry nature of knitting…. Hmm…. Kniterecise? Knitting on an exercise bike… Nope! I got a great mental picture for a second followed by yarn getting caught up in cranks and flywheels and teeth and fingers being mangled… So knitting… Once a career, now a rare necessity.

Of course the depression needs to be monitored, not being mentally busy can be dangerous as negative thoughts can still eat you alive. So I guess it’s on to the next thing, cogs grinding slowing into motion as plans and ideas fall into  place…

If only I could get my arse off this sofa.


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