Obligatory trump piece.

I suppose I’d better say something about the trump business…

I don’t particularly want to but it is turning into one of those “if you sit on the fence for long enough you get splinters up your arse.” situations.

The short answer is, what do you expect? The world is full of stupid, ignorant people! 

You only have to turn on the television and see all the lowest common denominator drivel that spills out from it, the dating apps on people’s mobile phone or the laughable state of our education systems in the U.S and the U.K. If you want to see what the world will be then dig out a copy of the film Idiocracy, it’s all in there. The stupid breeding more and more stupid people whilst the intelligentsia opt for one or none so as to save the planet.

The left leaning, book reading, planet saving, middle class have been slowly but surely steering themselves down the road to extinction since the late seventies, utterly failing to understand the nature of human beings and the world around them.

There is some quaint fondness amongst the left for the protest march, the banner and the waving about thereof.  I watched a film called Pride a while back, it was all about the miners strikes of the early eighties in the uk. What the film failed to mention was that the miners strikes were an abject failure as were the anti Iraq war marches two decades later. Protests of that sort only work when your leaders are sane, well adjusted, people with a conscience, whose beliefs can be questioned when they see a seething mass of humanity with a different viewpoint. The thing is, right wing loonies don’t care (and I include in that Tony Blair) or worse they look at the people protesting with utter contempt and see it as a sign of validation. Any protest in the current era is only as valid as the prevailing media allow it to be, which is pretty much not at all.

I find the pussy hat phenomenon interesting though, the sea of pink as an image is a powerful one,  with distance it will make good stories but I doubt if a boorish man-child like trump would give it a second thought. I have to admit, my trained textile head shudders at the ethical and environmental questions regarding the sourcing of all that dodgy pink yarn though. The women’s march will do the same as all the others in recent history, which is to give those who participate a sense of being let off the hook. They can go away saying in their heads “oh well, at least I tried…” like there is some nobility in defeat. There really isn’t you know, the only thing that has been proven to ever make a difference is direct action. A protest is democracy’s pressure valve, plus it gives the security services a great opportunity of photographing potential activists. Personally, I want people to be angry, angry enough to make proper change, angry enough to go out and take matters into their own hands, not be dragged down in the minutia of, minutes, meetings, correct committee structure, non gender specific and non hierarchical language structure . For something to change, governments need to be very, very, scared, not bored, not contemptuous, but feeling the icy cold of a guillotine blade on the back of their necks scared.  All of this is just the froth on a decaf soya latte.

Unfortunately the nature of politics is deeply flawed. I would regard myself as a potential left wing despot, a cross between Pol Pot and Vlad the Impailer. I would cheerfully have my neighbours shot for their bonfires and drunken noise making whilst creating systems of free books, high end culture, university education and healthcare for all. I am very self aware though and know that I am probably the last person you would want in charge of anything and keep well out of the way of politics. People drawn to power don’t know this though, they are often at best narcisists and at worst psychopaths and they positively thrive in times of fear, desperation, poverty and uncertainty such as now. The right wing prospers particularly well as the lack of a social conscience allows them to exploit and manipulate the public to their advantage. Whilst the left wing sits in their committees, split into factions, discussing who is the best poster boy, Marx, Lenin or Trosky, Chomsky or Moore, the right wing is buying up or intimidating the media. What is happening now is the consequences of stupid people having the right to vote (did I mention I was a bit of a despot) they will vote for the most stupid, lowest common denominator, things.  This is no different to the 1930’s, all that has happened is that people have become so complacent to the value of education, so lulled by their perceived right to anything they want in the western world, be it food, warmth, booze, drugs, self expression or consequence free sex that they have forgotten the lessons of history . The key one being that the world is full of nasty bastards who are convinced that they are in the right and will do terrible things as a result.

Me, I’m quite looking forward to the inevitable collapse of society. I can card, spin and dye wool and knit it into garments. I can weave willow. If the world goes tits up I will be of use. Bring it on!


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  1. painterswife says:

    Your best ever blog post, i think. I’ll be there at the end too, my diverse skillset and spectacular general knowledge is bound to be useful when the lights go out. Plus, I’ll bring the knitting needles.

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