Happeeeee nu yeer!

Shush! Wile Cris ain’t lookin, we fort weed rite summit bee coz it bean a spectal nite an all that fings…

Wee iz the dweeblins an weee did a bit off ritin on heer a bit back wen Cris went mental and he got sik an hiz hart wen kerplewy. Cris sayz new year is arbitary obituary aardvarky stupid coz it’s all abaat Julian’s colander and is all made up. 

We tride to get Cris all happee an cheered up (wee blu strawberries (which is lik bloin raspberries but bigger) and we evan flashed I’m our bums) but he is all sulky coz he had a nic won larst yer and in whon bee the sam an all that.

Wee pointed owt that ee allmoist  dyed this yeer  an ee shud bee happeeeeee. Then eye started on about def bean ineffable an wee all gonna do it an it’s all qualiteee off lif a stuf. Wee just nodded wile he wen on an on an nodded lik wee no wot he woz meanin. He dos talk cobblers an all that.

Weee also sayed abut the murials, werkshops an hunderendeds off paintins an drawins and shews an fings wot he did. O! O! O! An ther bares. Witch ee gets all hinterlecual abut an sais they is ecsirsizes in contemperararary fetishishum an patturn cuttin an  meditashuns on textiles an thur annfropormorfisashun off hinhanimut hobjects. Wee like em coz the iz ded cute an much cheapa than thos stiffy bears wot is overated. 

So wot wee thur dweebin wish fur nu yeer? Weee want mor cake and sweets an more pretend pirate fites in thur baff an all that. An we no wot Cris wants an that iz peepol too by mor off hiz stuff  so he can blo it on class frum mahareesheee and a nu pooter an mo books. He also wants sum burd wot he keeps goin on abut but wee stick ar fingers in are eers an gos la la la la coz it iz ded borin naw. 

OooH here he cums so weed betta go. Happeeeeee nu yeeer


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