None more black.

What the fuck is Black Friday all about? I thought that was something to do with Easter?  Oh no! That’s good Friday isn’t it?

Well, according to Wikipedia a bargain shopping day on the Friday after thanksgiving. Thanks to the amphorphous blob that is the Internet and the dubious pleasure of shopping upon it, the notion of this American tradition has started to creep over to the uk. 

I’ve been pondering the notion of it, and in particular the ability of certain retailers to be able to heavily drop their prices for massive sales prior to Christmas, supposedly the most profitable shopping season of the year. Many questions spring to mind in regards to this, mostly  variations on the theme of, how can they afford to do it? What must the manufacturing costs be and what is their normal profit margin? What with also having to cover premises, staff and everything else. 

I take a special interest in all this by virtue of being a maker and producer of stuff and I know that with everything i do, people look at it and balk at the prices I charge. The annoying thing is that, compared to what I should charge, they are getting a bargain. The hours spent on making a bear, for example, I should be charging at least £120 for the smallest of them, at least four time what I charge. The same with everything else, I need to keep the profits to a minimum, a to compete with mass produced crap and the economies of scale large manufactures sell them for, and b the mark ups of various stockists. With small retailers, they struggle too and you have to factor in their running costs and mostly I would not begrudge them a penny, but occasionally you get the odd shopkeeper who is plain fucking rude and insulting. I try not to deal with the worst of them but sometimes you have no choice.

Anyway, the genius idea I had was rather than Buy Nothing day, which only makes things harder for poor sods like myself just trying to put something positive out into the world or Black Friday, that promotes the worse excesses of capitalism, how about Fair Prices day? Where penniless schulbs like myself actually get the right price for what they do, what they sacrifice and the constant effort and worry that goes on behind the scenes. Basically, I quadruple the price of everything I do for the day?

How about that? What is that I hear? The sound of tumbleweed rolling through the empty streets as everyone scatters. Oh well, you can’t blame me for trying. 

Oh! You can buy my stuff here……


2 Responses to None more black.

  1. painterswife says:

    How i wish we could do that!

    • It’s so frustrating when people try and knock down the price an eight inch bear going for forty pound, when a quarter of that is going to the stockist, knowing that the materials cost £10 and there is at least eight hours of work in it. That is four pound a hour!!! People just don’t respect the value of learning a craft. It doesn’t help that that word is now synonymous with people stamping something, doing a bit of decoupage or sticking some shapes to pre made cards. Grrrrrr!

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