Not mushroom in here!

I just had a very curious conversation about drinking piss. No, I haven’t been been talking to Sarah Miles. A dear friend was telling me about a show on BBC radio 4 about the fly agaric toadstool, the iconic red and white spotted fungus as seen in countless fairytale illustrations and written about in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. I have drawn and painted this spotty wonder so many times now that I have can’t honesty remember a time that I wasn’t putting them in my work. They are just so fun to do and it’s always good way to add some gaudiness to a picture.

It’s commonly known that these bizarre, almost alien, creations have hallucinogenic properties but what I don’t really understand is the wee wee drinking aspect. Now I don’t know about you but I’ve never really thought, “my that whizz looks tasty!” on my trips to the bathroom, let alone had a hankering to drink anyone else’s. But someone did and discovered that embibing the urine of someone who had consumed fly agaric made the world turn very surreal.  So the question is, who on earth was quaffing enough widdle to determine that they would start hallucinating when the donor had been eating mad coloured fungi. Did they constantly drink other people’s piss and then suddenly start tripping one day? Did everyone used to do it? Were there once pee pee bars or houses? Special wee wee cups and glasses? Was there ever a fad for fancy schmansy beetroot eaters piddle? 

People really do some strange things but then again I think strange things…


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