Insert bad bear pun here

There always seems to be a real sense of urgency about this time of year for some reason. Last year it was murals and public art, the year before that I was traveling to Leeds castle and back daily to deck the halls with, well… All sorts of stuff. The year before that art stuff, before that scarves and before that something else but every year for as long as I can remember I’ve made a few teddy bears. I love keeping traditional skills alive but the problem is, in a world of mass production, so few people are prepared to pay for them, unable to comprehend the expense of quality materials or the time taken to make a one off item. I still make them though… It’s a vanity thing really, in a town of mouthy amateurish show offs, it is satisfying to make something that requires a ludicrously high skill level, a massive “up yours!” to people with no talent other than possessing a mouth like a foghorn. It’s petty and childish I know but at least something good comes off it, so I will let myself off the hook.

I do like the secret knowledge aspect of it all, knowing where to get the weird shit that one needs to create things that will technically be heirloom items. Sources from wool mills, specialist wood yards, upholstery suppliers and the like. I tried to picture what a ridiculous sight I must have looked today, dragging what must have looked like a cloud up the hill and home, a five kilo bag of stuffing, it’s not the weirdest part and combine that with all the other crazy stuff I’ve been doing in a teaching capacity this week. I must admit, if there is such a thing as normality, I haven’t a hope in hell of recognising it unless it was attached to a big pointy sign stating so.  Still, however mad and random it all gets, at least I’m not doing a boring day job, I guess that’s why I don’t feel the need to show off and act like an arse to relieve the tedium  of my working like. however hard my days are and how little I earn you can never say my days are dull. Hooray!


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