Today I shouted giraffe at the top of my voice whilst stark naked. 

I was just about to step into the bath, which explains one half of the weirdness… As for the other… Well….

I’ve been asked to design a children’s menu / colouring in page for a chain of Italian restaurants and the brief was for something with every single Italian cliche we could come up with. I love things where you are given carte blanche to take liberties with time and geography, it’s almost as fun as sodding about with perspective, that whole thing of wilfully bending something into submission so rather than the rules dictating to you, you dictate to them. There are practicalities to a thing like this too though, branding, information that needs conveying, the method of reproduction and the size and scale of it all. 

Part of the image is the colosseum in Rome,  which is comprised of many arches in rows on top of each other. I must admit, I soon got bored of drawing little people peeking out of each arch. It was only as I was about to step into the bathtub that I remembered that classic line from the Ridley Scott film Gladiator “you’ve sold me queer giraffes!” spoken by Oliver Reed in his final roll. I remembered how the games in Rome became so over the top that they would feature creatures from all accross the Roman Empire, giraffes includes. Perfect! I thought, a giraffe would take up at least three windows and break up the repetitive linear nature of what I was drawing. 

I love that I have to use my brain so much, and I love the variations in my day. Seven am drawing a schematic for my new point of sale units, 9am machining teddy bears, 10 to 12 visiting the printers and running errands , 1 to 3 tacking bear parts, 4 pm machine sewing again, 5 to 11 drawing and now blog writing. It’s not easy and I certainly don’t earn the hours in the sense of money coming in but then again, who gets a legitimate reason to shout giraffe in the nude.


4 Responses to GIRAFFE!!! 

  1. Love the use of the word “whilst.” Gladiator is an awesome movie. Wish I could say that my schedule was as productive as yours. 10am go to pharmacy for solutions to spreading poison ivy rash. 1007am sit on car and cry because poison ivy not serious enough to warrant steroids. 1015am buy half tank of gas due to having spent much money on unsatisfactory poison ivy medicine. Also a quart of milk. I must needs drink my tea with milk.

    This post was my favorite thing I read today!

  2. painterswife says:

    Haha! Very graphic post! Your day sounds wonderful.

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