One stick of chalk.

You have to laugh at the antics of the local left wing group. You have to laugh, it’s either that or cry. In a year and a half a group of well edjucated, articulate and organised people have achieved… Nothing. Well, a lot of meetings, a couple of marches and a bit of banner waving, a bit of branding and merchandising and that is pretty much it. Oh! They kicked the woman who created the After Atos website out of one of their meetings, you know the one that gathered the data used by the left wing media bring all the government’s dirty deeds to the public’s attention. Then, after a year of fortnightly meetings to set up their own food bank because all the local ones either need referrals from the department of work and pensions or are heavily involved with religious organisations, they made a big song and a dance about collecting and donating some tins of food to an organisation with dubious connections. As if things weren’t already looking dodgy enough, add to that the involvement of buy to let landlords and other massive hypocrites and you have a bloated and offensive middle class toy, a way to do a bit of socialising and look good at the same time. As someone who has undergone two hideous work capability assements and a year in terror while going through a positively vindictive appeals system, none of these people spoke for me, none of them cared at the time or were even aware it went on. 

Let’s face it, they are useless. Worse than useless in fact. Neither use nor ornament as my dad would have said, getting in the way, treading on toes and making out that they are far more relevant than they think themselves to be, I.e not at all. 

I was pondering the stupidity of it all yesterday, and all the other middle class garbage around town that makes a pretence at helping when it only serves to appeal to the vanity of those involved, when out of the corner of my eye i spotted a phrase scrawled on a wall in chalk “tell yourself good things” then another, then another. Funny little messages, shadows of people and things all around st leonards. One stick of chalk and a little imagination, made people stop, made people smile, gave people something to think about and share with others. Without a steering group, a committee, a fighting fund or a meeting hall, a human being had done more good in an hour with a stick of chalk than all that time and effort by the supposed great and good. It’s a funny old world! 


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