Good news go to.

Something wonderful just happened. I woke to discover that an ink drawing I did for Inktober (a challenge to make an ink drawing all day for a month) is going if not actually viral, then a bit lurgified. My drawing was picked up on Instagram by mr clement, the creator of three art toy rabbits that feature in the picture, and is currently wending its way around the planet to all sorts of crazy places I cannot fathom. 

This isn’t the only good news I’ve had recently, work offers, big orders, being told how much good a workshop or teaching session did for people, lots of lovely stuff. 

Plus there as all those funny things that happen, little noticings and observances, long stories that play out and you suddenly get the answer to, coincidences and little in jokes that are only relavant to one specific person, things on the telly, things someone will love.

There’s the bad stuff too, worries about health, family, money, dilemmas that need fathoming.

What do you do when your good news go to isn’t there any more? Even worse, what do you do when they are ‘there’ in a literal and corporeal sence but they aren’t ‘here’ there?

Oh bloody hell! I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.


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