Busman’s holidays.

It’s been an odd sort of week. I feel a bit like Al Pacino in The Godfather part three, just when I thought I was out… They pulled me back in! 

This week I was asked to alter some vintage dresses. It’s not something I’ve done for a while now for various reasons. I used to be in the fashion world many moons ago but I found it became increasingly more depressing as I realised just how little appreciated and how transient the skills involved were.  I walked away from that world and used the skills to make handmade bears, using the same skill set but creativing something that would become, in time, a family heirloom. I make bears less frequently now and usually only for very special people. 

It was strange using motor and brain skills that I haven’t for a while. Pinning, darting, letting in, taking out, scooping, all came naturally after years of neglect. Tomorrow, I am having an antique teddy sent to me, a much loved part of a family through generations that has been savaged by a puppy. It takes a lot of skill to do stuff like this and of late I have become more increasingly pissed off by the small number of talentless idiots who live nearby and are constantly puffing themselves up and demanding attention like a toilet training toddler excited at being able to fill up a potty, the end results of both being remarkably similar. 

Maybe I should call this phenomenon, Chris’ law? The level of talent someone shows is inversely proportionate to the amount they show off about it. Obviously, I am totally aware that by making this statement, I am drawing a level of attention to myself and therefore calling down accusations of bitterness and talentlessness upon on myself and I will counter that by sayings here are far more talented people than me about, faaaaaaar more talented. Off the top of my head, I know several glynbourne costumieres and a designer for Pres Du Voyage, one of the most exclusive design houses ever, within walking distance. 

It’s the same for other talents and skills, the really talented just get on and do it.

Which reminds me, I have stuff to do.


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