The day democracy died

I’m not holding much hope for the results of the Chilcot report tomorrow. The much delayed enquiry into the 2003 iraq war. It doesn’t take over a decade to work out that the case for war had more holes than a string vest. Most right minded people knew that the second the beady eyed and pea brained George dubya Bush started shaking his fist in the Saddam Hussain’s direction that it would be a fool’s errand. As retaliation for the 9/11 attacks it was flawed in every way, a secular country NOT an Islamist state, yes it had a terrible human rights record but so do many of the USA and uk’s trading partners and as for weapons of mass destruction… well there are many worse offenders and we trade with most of them too. 

There are people who can explain this much better than I can and know it all in great detail. What I want to focus on though is how everything that is wrong with politics in the uk now has its roots in the actions of March 2003. 

There used to be a time where politicians felt obliged to fall on their swords and resign when they screwed up, take John Profumo. Back in the 1960’s Profumo’s political carreer was destroyed when he had a dalience with a lady who had previously slept with a Russian chap, even members of Margaret  Thatcher’s cabinet were sent packing after scandals, from Michael Heseltine and his shonky Westland Helicopters, Cecil Parkinson knocking up his secretary to various other fiddles and wheezes that were rumbled, once they were found out their careers were over. 

Tony Blair was the first of the truly shameless politicians. When close to two million of a country’s population shuffles past the top of Downing Street (the police counted less but they never are very good at counting bless em) and a standing Prime Minister fails to heed the level of disquiet from the population, from the miltary, from numerous experts and global agencies and goes ahead on a fool’s crusade with a clearly mentally deficient American president. Badgering protesters and desenters amongst his party and being complicit in hounding a government expert to his death for expressing an opinion. So 13 years later and with a failed state in Iraq and the lives of hundreds of soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians sacrificed on a lie about weapons of mass destruction. We live in a world where a standing prime minister can be exposed of sticking his penis in the mouth of a pig’s head with no comeback. Where a government can kill off over ten thousand people with a scheme harassing the sick and disabled with no one batting an eyelid. Where the national health service and education system can be broken down for spare parts and those responsible for creating the largest constitutional crisis since ww2 can just absent themselves from the mess they have left the country in and walk off into the sunset and where the chancellor of the exchequer seems to have a bigger coke problem than all of Hollywood stuck together. 

Tony Blair made it ok for politicians not have any brakes or any sense of judgement between right and wrong. He made it ok to do terrible things and then just happily sit in office after being caught doing appalling acts. I gather the general consensus is that the guy is severely mentally ill but then having psychopathic tendencies tends to be an advantage in modern society, sadly. 

So whatever Chilcot says tomorrow, the damage has been done. So much damage has been done in so many ways. The political class have been given permission to asset strip the country and, once done, none of the things they have destroyed can be put back together again. 


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  1. Well said – so true!

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