This is what it sounds like…

  Fuck! I mean  seriously, fuck! What the fucking fuck? Prince dead at 57. Of the flu apparently. Such a banal and mundane exit for such a big little man. So many people are called geniuses but so few are truly worth the title. That burning fucking fire that sends someone rocket fueled through the world on a white hot stream of ideas and talent. I mean, fuck! I saw him live and up close a couple of times in the ‘love sign’ days. The guy was astounding, the band so tight…

So many songs, so many works of perfection. All the hits of course. But so many gems on albums, starfish and coffee, the infamous darling niki, love 2 the 9s, pink cashmere and the song I have hummed so many times recently, Christopher Tracys parade, for my own sentimental reasons. 

I’ve been called prolific myself but I mean Prince left everyone for dust. He made everyone look like slack jaws apes banging rocks together.  I give up… I can’t deal with a world like this. Unbelievable. Unfathomable. Just plain wrong.  



2 Responses to This is what it sounds like…

  1. Absolutely- i hadn’t got Victoria Wood leaving us into my head and then Prince! Tragic! X

  2. Diane says:


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