Woses strobe bellies.

  Cris had a big smil on his face fo the furst tyme in aaaaaages last night. I fink the las tyme he smiled a but woz wen he woz told he woznt gonna bee ded no mor. But wen he hurd  bout the knot ded fing he had all stabby toobs an fings all in im an woz goin ow. 

He had a special diet person chek on im an tell I’m to et strobe bellies wot is this red stuf what has little dots in it. Cris is a bit rubbish an prob nead help wit fings lik tat n stuff but it woz nic they fought about im am mad him smil. He wen to bed las nite smiling and finking of purty fings and fowlers. Woses mainly, little ones.



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