What a pik ture! 

  Cris has bin a les bit wobbly wonkier an abit mor dooey for a few daze now. He did a lota blubbin an he gotta blubber band fing on his hand an wen he finks of fings wot mack him sad an  he goes twang an OW a lot an he done fink no mor about it. Well he do abit but not so much. Peepol keep calin an ringin coz he woz so sad n poorly las weak an they al chek on im ever dai an mak shoor he aint ded coz they al fought he woz gonna comet Suzy side coz he woz sew bard. But Cris is painting an drawin in it is good coz it iz stuff whych he shrub be doin insured of scary fings wot he doz so he don tak a nife to him armz.He when an foned the special he’d peepul an they put I’m ona list an they wood look at hiz hed an see if it woz broken by talkin at it and he saw tee nah hoo nose his an she said “what! ” a lot and made a tut tut noize an shook her hed an sed Cris woz fin an ver normal an woz rite an fings.

He has mad a big pikture of a hert with these tuby fings wot the surgeons stuck in im so his hert don go bleargh an he don go ded lik he woz gonna shoulda at crimble mast. An the picture is ded fiddly coz it is all words in a brian. Lotsa words, big lettuce an small lettuce ova and ova tha go eve were an ar ded hard tu reed. The he out propa gold on it whych has been squashed ded fin so it gone all kabling in a son shin. 

Then toe Dia he had a big man wiff a cam rah com an sea him an Cris wen blah! An the man cal tellee I fink wen blah! An they both  go blah! Blah! Blah! An nod an fings. An Cris dry the man and tellee made piktures wiff his cam rah. an the drunk t. There were no biscuits though whych woz sad. 



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