Car wren, rebadecka squared and thur wiblee woblee aaaarg.


 Cris had a big wible woble las night an woz sayin to himslef that it woz “owtovistz hans” we doe noe who this woz but we reckon he woz from germ land an we onlee no won huuuman frum germ land an he ain’t nise. So if this Owtovistz is worse it must bee reel bad. Cris all painty wiff hiz fingers an mad a big Dweebling wiff hiz maff open an it woz goin aaaaargh! We don open our maff in piktures so it woz a bit weerd. Weeee fink open maffs is rood but Cris could no speek tu somwon so heee mad a paintin us wiff open maff wen his woz had to stay shut. Cris woz sayin he woz so kunfuused that he dawn noe whych is up an whych is down so weeee al pointed up an weeeee sayed Up and then weeeee pointed down an sayed Down. He laffed a bit bu then got sad agayn an crawled inna bedland. 

Wen he wok kup he woz al bein bravery an goin ” Mi liff iz reel good n stuff” an trien a fink cov al the fings wot e az dun. Bu he kep lookin at the haf o bedland wiff no lump an he wen all lip wobble again lick he doze ever day. Then Cris do sum drawin fo work an stuff but he was so sad  it woz ded hard tu fink and then the rings door stuff huuman cam an he got an bare what woz a robot but was realee a box o plastic fings. This I wot usuallally mad Cris go Oooh but toeday he jus go Meh! Then Cris fididdled wiff hiz uffer talky box fing, the won wiff noe numbesr, an then wen owt for coughee. Cris got all poorly ick owt an wen all fizzle coz sum off the special sweet mak his blud go darn. But he still wen for a walk bi the sea coz I makes him feel les bad. He feel bad for a long tim now an then he woz reeely Om mi goh Im gonna di! Il and then bleargh ill n then craaaazeee il n now ver sad an lonleee blub blub il. I don fink he can rem ber happiiiii even wiffffff a lode off biscuits ana robot bare box a plastic. Humaaaaaaans is weerd! 

Then a load people cam roun. Rebadecka wiff the red hare an Karen an they had t an coughee and lots an woz lovely. They gave Cris piktures of the quin lady  an Cris gave em piktures of us. They tried to mak Cris feel all betta but Cris was still al sad and stuff.  Then Cris talc to his fren on the phone an he stil feel al sad. Than layter the uffer rebadecka cam an had t an waz lufly but Cris was still sad an ever said they luft Cris and then he mutter Sept won again lick the uffer day. Ever won hoo cam roun sayed they luft the pantin wiff the aaaaargh an the big mouf. But we don lick it an neefer do Cris. 


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