Ther vu from bed moun ten. 

  Shhhhh! Cris is tryin to rest. His chest is all hurty from trying tu get x plane hoe murch he luft them an woz hin luft wiff them. We is knot sur wot he is talkin abut but it pro bab lee a but shooooz or books or paint of summink. Sew he is lien thayre goin ow anmummblin an mutrin a bit. We lick it wen it gets less cold coz that iz wen he can haf all the cur tins open an look at all the lufly trees an purty howzez an stuff. Ever fink looks all smal an lyke toys  from here. It is nice wen the sun go dan an all fi ree an nice in a funny way wen it reigns an thayre is alllectric an bangs in thur ski coz IT iz like the telleee but big an reel. When Cris is sleeping weee lick to play bed mountain ears when we’d climb over the Cris lump. Thayre used tu be tuuu lumps n Cris woz les sad then but now there is won big lump an  lots of little lumps wer fing with werds in an a fing lick a tellee but little is. Cris jus turn over an muterd summink lick ringim or sumfink. Dos he wan a fence? Huuuuumans mak no cent.  


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