The bad fings

  The bad fings com at nite most lee an weee haf tu hyde away. They haf big long  toobs that they yous tu get thayre wurds right in tu crisez eers an in hiz hed. They sownd lick snakes all sharp an hissy wiff lots of wurds lick Never an Useless an fings like I told yoo sew an Everybody hates you. Wen it gets reel bad they show im fings like the see an say Fill your pockets wiff stones an walk or the special sweets for his bad hert an say Go on! Eat the lot an it will all stop now. The bad fings they pretend to be his friend an mak it sownd lick it’s a clever fing to do. They leev Cris all tired from fightin them an he gets soooo slo. The bad fings jump on his chest an do fings to his hert, they do it sew much thay wen his hert wen wrong an he nearly was ded an he did even no some fink wiz wrong coz it is always so bad.  now it is fixed the bad fings just squish it mor coz thayre is a stronger fing to squish. A lot of the time Cris finks it would haf been betta if he had just died at crismast we fings wer reel bad an his hert woz really bad then then he wud have sum peece an sleep all the tim.

Some times wen Cris is fiting the bad fings other huuumans get hert tu. He tris to squish the bad fings but they dodge him an he squishes people tu an then they get all upset and crisez bad fings fro party coz they won an cris in all lonely even mor. Some times other huuumans haf thayre own bad fings an they get near crisez bad fings an they mak reel nasty bad fings happen.

Cris is very care full to keep the bad fings away an lick to be quiet and get lots of rest an thayre are huumans hoo fro bad fings every wher they go an Cris hydes from them an don’t  go neer the places they are or the fings they do but wen they do get neer Cris gets reel Ill and stuff.  Sometime people dont lick Cris coz he fites  these bad fings because fings go wrong coz he fites too hard. Or huumans get cross coz they want he somewhere that will mak him mor ill an they don’t like it that he don’t go. 

When Cris is bizeeee doin paintin or makin the bad fings are still thayre but very fuzzy an you can see thru them and they are very week. But wen bad fings happen in crisez wurld an fings happen that don’t seem fair or mak cents they are solid an real an at nite they are lick metal all hard an solid an really good at hertin him.

Wen things are bad the bad fings get comfy and stay for months, kicking everything aside an makin shoor everythin is rely horrid. An wen other huumans try an help he says no frank you an he jus get wurs. Sometimes people makes fing wurs an they jus walk away or even wors get all cross an make fings reel bad. Fore tune ate  tree  som people stay an no how Chris finks and makes him get help of they just listen and listen an listen. They don’t listen at nite though coz Cris is tu kind to call them on the black talky fing and the bad fings rule. Then Cris is tired all day and wen it gets reel bad he sleeps in the day an then cant sleep at night then fings get reel nasteee. 



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