Baff pyrates

  Weeeeee had to hyde awai toe nite coz crisez huuumans friend rebadecka cam ova so see him. Weee lick rebadecka coz she is awaze  singing an its vereee nice an macks us smil. Weee alllso lick her coz she bring the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig ducky. An weee luv the big ducky. Sum times when Cris is out drinkin coughee we fill the big bath with lots of water an put all the ducks in an pree tend tu bee pyrates. Weeee yooz thoughs fings wot huuuumans stick in ears as sords an go aaaaargh! Rebadecka locks arfter Cris sum times wen he is all sad an tacks him nic places or wen he tack on the black talking fing it is of ten tu her. Coz Cris has bean sew sad and sew sick  rebadecka an suuuuzana  who is loveleeeee hav been heer lots an lots now. Cris has lots of loveleeeee friends an they al luv him an he luv them.  



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