Sept won

  Weeeee hat tu keep pokin Cris toeday to mak him ge tup. He woz all sad an sayed it woz coz he fink too much an had a fing cold depreshun. We arsked wot that woz an he sed it is lick sad but worst. “Lick no biscuits never?” We arsked an he looked al down an sed yes. He sayed sometimes he did stupid fing coz he fought they mad sens an then he got betta an remembered the stupid fings wot he dun an then got worse an did more stupid fings an they wer wors stupid fings an then he wud get a bit betta an remember more stupid fings an….. We lost him thayre an arsked if he wanted to crii again coz it mad him feel betta yesta dai. He sayed it woz worth a try so we poked him a bit but he sayed it just tickled an he laughed. We fort he wad happi then but he sayed he was all bad inside an he had felt all sad in the hart all year nearly.  We fort he wen to hostipal too mak his hart hert less but he sad it woz a diffrent hart hert that dint go away wen they stuck springs in him an he swallow the funny sweets he won’t let us touch.

Hostipal is a special plaice where they do lots of fings that mak people go ouch but it is to mak them feel betta eventuallalully. Cris sad ow a lot from big tubes it his hert an up hiz arms and funny taps in hiz arms. humans in funny pajamis wer everywhere an they kept poking Cris and takin stuff cold blud that mad him go ow an all. He also had a funny balloon fing on his arm so all hiz blud dint fall out. We asked Cris if weeee had blud and he said no coz weee is 99% biscuits than weee got all excited an tried tu eat each other and he had to get out of bed then an giv us more biscuits so we don’t become caninbubbles or summink. We fink Cris smells of biscuits so we tried tu eat him but he jus tasted of coughee, bleargh! 

Cris had to go in this big special room wytch  all smelled off clean they filled him with all sort of stuff an some of it was pluple an everything wen beep! There woz blud ever were an is was all running coz of the hippo rind or summink an this stuff called night rate which can go bang an mak your hed hert bad . We saw Cris in sides an he looked lick a big tree with big white bones an a fing that jiggled abut an looked all squelchy. Then a spring wen in on wires an then the squelchy fing wen all weird an change shape. Wot we fort woz real funny woz the paper pants wot Cris had too wear put on coz Cris is really funny abut his pants and likes special ones by two huuuuumans cold Mark and Spencer wytch  are all stripy. We sayed weee cud mak em stripy wiff sum of the blud an the iodeeenny (pluple stuff) but he sayed a rud wurd so weeee dint. 

  Cris had a bad tim coz everythin hurt or had ta hole in or a wire stuck to it that wen beep an everyerythin else in the room wen beep tu an he dint sleep fo free daze an he sayed he wen nuts and that woz why he did sum stoopid stuff. But the weeee never under Stan wot Cris doz so weee carnt tell.

Lots of huuumans kept sending Cris messages in hostipal and sayed they luved him an wen he got home the kept commin over an bring stuff an drinkin tea. Cris sad he woz happi he woz not ded but was all sad an lonlii. We say how can you be lonely wen you have lots of friends an they all luv you. He looked very sad and him lip wen all wobble an he sayed. Sept one, Sept one. 



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