Coughee blubbin and shoppin

 Toeday we hud cris makin this funny sand and all water dropped from his iiiis and they got all red lookin. We loked at him all funnee coz we doughnt rem ber him doin this beeefour. He sayed it won cold crien and it woz wot huuumans did when they  was sad. We doughnt no sad an he sayed it was lick runin out of biscuits but much worse. We felt all wobbly in our tummys an heds at the fort of no biscuits but then he sayed that we had plenty so the wobble went.  gave cris a biscuit butt his wobble was there an wud not go. 

 We fought is woz the form aygain. stu’s denty de furry won but he sayed it woz complicated an best not two arsk an that it felt butter to cry. He said words to the funny talky fing  and he cried sum more and he didn’t look butter he just looked sad.We arsked abut doing more painting but he dint ant sir and he sayed he must go art. We were noughty an weee jumped in hiz bag wen he was knot lookin. Furst he saw the human with a fing on thayre hed an red hare an they whent too this plaice tooooo get coughee with is this brown mucky stuff that Chris lick butt we fink taysts all yuck. It woz weird tough coz where they were they had lots of picktures of us Dweeblings. Lots an lots of them an they were everywer. He talked stuf and then another human cam an got all confused abart table an stuff. It was really funnee! Then Chris sayed he say someone look all cross at him he sayed this human had a stooped name like won of thoughs mushrooms that look like big  yellow ears. We fort this huuuman looked more like a beetroot all red an sulky. Cris says lot of huuumas darnt lick him  coz he tell the trooof toe much butt we say itz coz he is all miserable all the tim butt we sayed wen he carnt here. 

Than weee wen toe a plaice were the mak fings the same cold the pinters it smells all funny and thayre is lots of payper  

 butt weee mustn’t draw on annneeee of it. He gave them plastic money and some paper which is stupid coz he has lot already. They had noe biscuits. Then weee whent toe see a nic ladeee cold tee nah an he had to check he wasn’t mad an she said noe he waz knot. He dint talc toe us though wen she waz thayre coz he sayed it would coz him trubble. 

Then we had biscuits an wen owt aye gain to haf moe coughee an tak toe a nuffer lady who waz nice and wants him toe look after a dragon but it it a pretend dragoon an knot gonna eat us….. Or the biscuits.

Then wee cam home an he fiddle with more paper and made huffy noses wile wee painted an stuff. Then Cris wen shoppin but it woz rubbish coz it woz on a pooter an he got moe paint. He makes funny noises wen he gets paint an when go got won cold opera rose he whent Oooh Ooooh  an got all exited lick when he used to mak us hid in the wardrobe an knot look an then it woz al funny coz I fink thayre woz sum in else like another huuuman but it woz all squeaky oohs as well as opera rose Oooohs. It darnt hap en know an  weee just asked Cris about it an he went all wobbly on the lip an started blubbin a bit moe. Best stop noe.  



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