Beetle Day

  Halo! Toeday is beetle day! Wee doughnt no wot thatmeens but Chris is mumbling abart it. There is beetle Jon wit had glasses and wot is ded, beetle pol and sum others. We call all beetles mister or hey you! If we are in a rush. Coz we lik to flu abart on them. Chris sayes these beetles aren’t the reel ones an ar a bit rubbish. Wee fort they mite be lik ants what ar carreeein pis… mustachios  nut shells coz thay look lik a beetle if you screw up your eyes enough.

Cris his stil sulking toeday coz stu’s furry from is getting he upset. It’s silly questions like shoo me nuffink wot you haf not got wych dozent mak cents but then nuffink cris doz maks cents. He does these paintins do us an wee sayes. Wi doughnt you tak a pikture wife acamra? They he sayes we is fiktonal carwreckers or summink an say he mai kneed to goe tu a special hopstipal if he tawks tu us too long. We did sum more piktures toeday wile cris whent  toeday foe a waalk. Heed doz that ever dai az it helps wiff his depreshion depreeesum?  Missereesulkitisss? Sad stuff! He licked them batter toeday as he had philled mor from in an added up sum hard sums. I fink his harthertles toeday an hiz pils dint mak he quwiteso il. He sad weee cud doo the blog thing a bit longer sew long as weeee behave more.  



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