Dweebling takeover

  Halo! This is wee. The Dweeblings. Cris has gon off in a sulk cos he got a big brown envelop in the poost toeday. Sumthing abat stu’s dent loan de-furring again. I dont no who stu is or why he is sew furry butt it has got him all stressed out. He sayed U do doze bleedin blogs coz I iz fed up and av toe dooo dis bleedin from yet again and it aways cozes truble. 

  So ear wee r. Well………… Wot do wee do naw! O.k wee drawled you sum pretty fowler  and a rainboe and a really long dog and half a nuddy  one of us. Wee just shoad him and he werent  happy. Summink abat how that is his best warty coloured paint and it beeing  ded expensieve and the art shop beeing gon naw. Butt wee like em so ner!  

 Wee doughnt fink heels been happy since beefore crimbo wen he got ded poorly in misserable. He had to goe too hostipal wear they stuck big needles an tubes in his hart and hee went oww! A lot. We got ver lony hear on our own. His friend suzanneeeee cam an took the twiglets  and bits for cris in hostipal an sew we lived on biscuits and water from the toilet. Which wer not nice as cris did a wee weeee beefore he lefft and it tasted all funny. He nearly died he did an that would have been bad coz we had almost ran out of biscuits. But it is ok now. There is now biscuits. Oh and cris is not ded. 



3 Responses to Dweebling takeover

  1. Mad but funny ! Hope you’re getting better!

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