Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.

20150928_12262820150928_142954Help meeeeeeeeeeee! I am in Hell. Photoshop Hell. I have been staring at pixellated image after pixilated image for days on end. I have knocked out three paintings, had a tidy up, messed up the tidying up, gone out and pretended to act normal for as long as I could before my metaphorical bunny batteries ran out. And banged out a few blogs,  ah the blog posts… They always get me into trouble. Boredom is a funny thing. I don’t mean I have nothing to do boredom but the donkey work, head goes a drifting places, kind. Then I think, “Oh that’s interesting!” I think I’ll write that down. I do it for me you know, well maybe sometimes for other people, but mainly me. I did used to have this lovely person who would distract me from this sort of nonsense before I got into too much trouble but she is off doing who knows what with who knows who and so my moments in-between photoshop, painting, drawing and whatever are a lot less fun. Anyway, as a break from the nonsense that is my life I try and head down the hill to the seafront every day. I have to remember that that is why I moved here. Not for the cliques, not the art scene, certainly not for the night life, but to see that ever moving and psychically cleansing mass of water that was here before I was born and will still be here long after I am dead. It will outlive who said what to whom and all the petty ridiculous rubbish of all the poor damaged souls that wash up in St Leonards and it’s really good to remember that. None of this crap matters one tiny bit.


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  1. i feel your photoshop pain! If it helps i’m building up a body of photography tutorials on my blog! https://bethanhollandt.wordpress.com/2015/09/27/how-to-manually-manipulate-photos/

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