Welcome to Great Britain! (sorry it’s so rubbish!)

refugees The British are a right bunch of bastards. Not the people per se but the British on mass and this particular version of Briish under the Tory party are worse than normal. I’m not saying the last lot under Bliar were much better, but the current Conservative government take a sort of twisted pride in what utter bastards they are. They are flogging off the health service, our schools, our public services, anything that can get away with and now that they have a majority government, that means pretty much everything. This is not a new thing though, since the time of the crusades we’ve been off around the world being the biggest bunch of bastards that we can be. At one point near the end of the Victorian age, you could walk into any school (providing that all the local kids were young enough to attend or rich enough not to be up a chimney or down a mine) and there on the wall would be a big map covered in red, showing how much of the world the British ‘owned’. Victoria’s empire was the one on which the sun never sets. We didn’t get to this situation because we were such nice people. We invaded, we robbed, we lied and we cheated and enslaved our way into having possession of a massive portion of the world. We crushed rebellions, forced our goods on nations, created closed markets for trade. It wasn’t til I was in my thirties that I discovered what we did in the opium wars. There isn’t one nasty, seedy, evil thing that the British haven’t been involved in. And it goes on today as a bunch of millionaires in hand tailored suits calmy tell the world’s war torn and repressed that there is no room left in the UK. Er… Hang on…. So what about all those empty buildings owned by offshore investment companies in cities around country and London in particular? Oh! And all the Queen’s swathes of land? There’s a big park out the back of Buckingham palace that could do with a few new buildings chucking on it. Then the palace itself, that’s rather roomy…

We owe these people big time. What’s never reported when you see that turd in a suit Cameron visiting the Middle East, Africa or wherever, that behind him are a gaggle of arms dealers, selling guns, planes, manufacturing licenses to all the worst offenders on amnesty internationals naughty list. We are bastards, selling to bastards. In ways both big and small, those poor sods huddled in Calaise or washing up dead on beaches are there because of our bastardness. I’m sure someone smarter than me can explain this better but please do what you can, sign whatever you can, donate if possible or just put someone straight when they come out with some’ bloody foreigners’ rubbish. Well Britain, on the whole, is full of bastards, British people singular are usually quite lovely. So go on, be lovely! Xxx


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    Glasgow celtic fans support a world without frointeers ! Open the borders now !

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more! I’m often ashamed to part of such a selfish society 😦

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