The Smile Electrodes.

thesmileelectrodesThe Smile Electrodes came about as part of The Kings and Queen’s of Kings Road at the Kave gallery. A series of paintings I did a couple of years ago, celebrating some of the local characters who inhabit St Leonards on Sea where I live. The inspiration for this particular painting being the Vile Electrodes, a locally based gem of a band with an international following. The Viles, comprising, of Jane Caley aka Anais Neon and Martin Swan create beautiful electronic music using a vast array of vintage synthesisers. What I wanted to do with all the paintings in this series was to capture a fantasy version of all the cool people that pass anonymously through my local environment.barbarella-remake-2 When I bump into Jane or Martin, it is usually in the local co-op or grocers or somewhere equally banal, so I wanted to put them very solidly “On stage”. The stage in question  is shamelessly lifted from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, with costumes stolen from Barbarella. Willo_The_Wisp_The_MoogThe names of the synths are all terrible puns, Korg becomes Borg, Yamaha, YamaHa-ha-ha and Bontempi, Bontempee but the worst pun of all is the visual one for the Moog, which becomes the dog of the same name from cult eighties cartoon ‘Willo the Wisp’, voiced by Kenneth Williams.

moog_prodigy_lgYou can check out the Vile Electrodes’ fabulous music here :- and buy their CDs and merchandise here :- and their Facebook page is here :-


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