Year Zero


I was interviewed recently for an online magazine in which I was asked where the Dweeblings actually came from. I cited my University’s art history notepads and how I found things I scrawled in there as far more interesting than most of the ‘proper’ art I did. I was looking for some paperwork, which I spectacularly failed to find and there it was, a tatty old ring bound notepad full of blurb about this and that art movement and a collection of rather deranged drawings. Although how they relate to the Dweeblings is difficult to see at first. There is a running theme of mutation and a lot of savagery. I was technically sane then, as opposed to now where I actually have paperwork to prove I am Crazzzzzy, although I had just recently lost my Father. Lost as in ‘dead’ rather than down the back of the sofa, I guess that explains the sweary, zappy and stabby nature of the drawings. So how do they relate to the Dweeblings? I guess it isn’t that obvious at first, but you can see traces here and there. Four fingers, big eyes, long bendy arms and legs and with the teeth I draw… No wonder the Dweeblings keep their mouths shut.



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