Gloria in Wonderland

IMG_0001I have a very strange addiction. Every time I see a new (or old) copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I have to buy it. I have always loved owning all the different illustration, from the quirky and beautiful Mervyn Peake edition, the curious Tové Janson and the downright bizarre Yayoi Kasuma.IMG

The copy I picked up the over day was most curious, at first glance I though it was Mable Lucie Attwell, which is still on my list to buy, but it turned out to be some chap by the name of Harry Rountree. What I am most drawn to though is the dedication at the front. To Gloria, with love from Auntie Bessie May the 20th 1933. IMG_0002The book is very ‘loved’ and many of the illustration have been coloured in, or more accurately, scribbled in, so it’s pretty safe to image that Gloria would have been a vey little girl. Say about five. So if she was born in 1928 that would make her about 86, I am guessing though that this would not be a thing someone would part with, well I wouldn’t anyway, so  I am guessing that Gloria has either passed on or is in a home of some kind. It’s curious to wonder though, about this little girl, scribbling away at this book. What did she think of it? Did it fill her imagination with odd creatures? Or was it simply an expensive colouring book from a well meaning Auntie. Guess I’ll never know.


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