What are they all about? Part 11.

aliceflamingo_edited-1It just had to be done. When I thought about how to do the croquet playing flamingo, it just had to be Rod Hull’s Emu. But then the thought came, 70’s t.v entertainer… is this a wise move? What with all the Jimmy Saville revelations and all the impending court cases of British light entertainment stars of decades past.  How long before Rod Hull Joins the list? Hopefully never was my answer. I always felt rather sorry for Rod, a man taken over by a puppet, psychotic puppet at that. As his career dwindled into obscurity he ended his days, at the age of 63, falling off the roof of his house after trying to fix the ariel for the umpteenth time. Isn’t that bad enough? To be killed by the very medium that made his career. Plus I figured that all Rod’s demons were very much directed into that evil puppet of his, hopefully that’s enough for one lifetime? Strangely enough, that roof is only a couple of miles away from were I sit typing this blog in the village of Winchlesea. Small world, innit?



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