What are they all about? Part 8



There is a bit of a Sci-Fi  theme running through the next three drawings. The first features John Wyndam’s predatory plants, the Triffids. I swear that back in the early eighties, I was convinced that they were real. Looking back now, all I can see is fibre glass, latex and wire. The imagination of a child can be a powerful thing. The baby is clearly now a gas mask wearing pig. Hopefully both he and Alice can outrun the staggering top speed of 1 mile an hour of your average genetically modified horror.

cheshirecate_edited-1Yes I know that in the original version they had seeded from outer space, but BBC back then was desperately still trying to be worthy. The other sci-fi reference is only apparent when the Chesire Cat makes his exit. In the stealth mode manner of the Predator.

Getting the light to bend ’round a pen and ink drawing, was a little bit of a faff, but I really enjoyed doing it.



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  1. painterswife says:

    i love these – and am currently re- reading the day of the triffids for the thousandth time (at least).

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