What are they all about? Part 7.

aninvitationAnd the award for the worst visual pun of the century goes to….

My use of the ex lead singer from Marillion for the FISH. Ba Boom!

eastbournia0The door that the doorman is manning (frogging?) is of particular sentiment value to me as it belonged to my old flat. A particularly strange dwelling that was right out of a Roald Dahl book. Sadly, when I checked it out on a major internet search map thingy, some swine had dug up the hydrangeas and the freaky door was replaced by some god awful plastic thing. So much for progress.

For Alice’s first meeting with the Duchess, I have to admit that I indulged again in my love of kitchen frippery by sneaking in some Cornish Blue crockery and an Alessi sugar shaker. For the Cheshire cat I reference the dreaded  Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Not, I hasten to add, because I’m a fan (I ain’t) but because the guy who did the costumes did my degree course at Middlesex University. I had endless hours of fun doing the dots on the Duchess’s hat, although it did start to send me a bit nuts. (more nuts?)theducheskitchen_edited-1



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