Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the show.


Photo by Leroy Brown

How many things start with “it seemed like a good idea at the time”? The Delorian, the Iraq war, the poll tax, illustrating Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with no plan of what to do with the results. Having an art show with three weeks notice.

windowsA narrow deadline can concentrate the mind wonderfully, or alternatively it can send you into a spiral of panic. I had a bit of both setting up this show. It made me tie up load of loose end, putting an accompanying book together, designing badges and fridge magnets, getting prints made… Plus all the nitpicky stuff, packaging, how to display it, blah, blah, blah.


minipicsI almost bit off more than I could chew with the window display, if it wasn’t for my able assistant Tracey and her wonderful wielding of a jigsaw, I would still be scratching my head on how to have done it.


The show is in the Kave Gallery in St leonards on Sea, run by the fabulous JayToole, who has been incredibly supportive to myself and the other reprobates in the arts community. He also makes a fabulous cup of coffee. Well the show’s up for the next two weeks. So pop by if you can.



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