Wot are they all about? Part 5

Alice Throws a StickI thought of one thing when I though about the panel featuring the dog, Chips Comic. Chips comic was an awful kids t.v show on channel 4 when it very first started. I found it deeply troubling, in particular the poor sod who had to dress up as a giant dog, the “Chip” in the title.chips-comic The poor sod in questions was Andy Secombe, son of the Goons Legend Sir Harry. I’m sure he must have been proud to see his son dressed up like a right nana. Fortunately, Andy rescued his cred later in life by voicing Wato, the blue hovering scrap merchant and habitual gambler in the Star Wars prequels.

Anyway, I wanted a totally ‘dressed’ up dog, so it was big baggy jumper and sock on the ears time. One useless fact, the plant in the background is Hogweed, a weed with irritant sap and unfortunately my nickname at school for a while.

Pete BurdenThe image for the caterpillar was one of the first I came up with. A little chap tucked in a sleeping bag, sporting a pair of deely boppers. The hookah and the bubbles are a reference to one of my other paintings featuring the saxophone legend that is Pete Burden. All the plants in the background are poisonous, amongst them are Hogweed, Foxglove and Belladonna aka Deadly Nightshade.



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