Wot are they all about? Part 4

thewhiterabitsbedroomThe next three illustrations tell the story of the Alice getting trapped in the White Rabbit’s house. Question. Just how exactly does an anthropomorphic personification of a rabbit live? I figured that that he would be a bit of a fuss pot to say the least. So I imaged a house of nick knackery and general tweeness. The one things I really wanted to get in were the carrot print curtains. Ever since I spotted Marge Simpsons’ corn print kitchen curtains many years ago, I have always want that fabric and nope, you can’t find it anywhere. Someone somewhere is missing a trick.  I have continued the carrot theme on in one of the paintings on the back wall, the other picture is of the rabbit as a child with his parents in the background and I have worked a traditional card back pattern into the rug on the floor to finish off the room dressing.

whiterabbitfallsoverIn the next picture, the rabbit is coming a cropper after being knocked over by Alice’s enormous hand, into the cold frame in his garden. I wanted something like a prat fall out of an old silent movie, some sort of Keystone cops type of business. Hopefully that came off.

TheregoeslittlebillThe sequence ends with “There goes Little Bill!” In a rather fetching snakeskin jumpsuit that wouldn’t look amiss on Prince. I wanted that sort of gecko independent eyes thing going on, so I decided to use some sort of steampunk telescopic eye contraption. Bill rockets out of the chimney, like a cork out of a champagne bottle, after getting a swift boot up the jacksie.

I’ve always wondered what the fate of all the side character in Alice were. There seems to be a trail of maimed creatures left in her wake.


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