Wot are they all about part 3.

Pool of TearsO.k…. I’ll be skipping a few in the sequence here. As the next few are pretty self explanatory. Blah blah “drink me!” blah blah key, blah blah little door, blah blah tall, blah blah blah de blah.

I had great fun doing “The Pool of Tears” as it was really thick lines and there is nothing as satisfying as really gloopy arks of ink drying. Bit like watching an oil slick without the annoying poorly seagulls part.

Alice meets the DodoFor the next two I had a really good excuse to go retrotastic as I needed to include birds in my list of characters. So in “Alice meets the Dodo” and “The Caucus Race” I hit upon the idea of using costumes loosely based on a seventies  cartoon series “Battle of the Planets” or as it should be called “Science  Ninja Team Gatchaman”. To make matters even more confusing, I think it was also renamed G-Force at some point too.  With the big, beaky, crash helmets and the monographed belt buckles.


G-Force, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, whatever.

The Western version was cut to shreds, removing the more off colour sections and adding an annoying robot to explain the overly complex plots. I never really understood it as a child, but the spaceships were dead cool. Plus there was a little chap called Keyop (Jinpei in Japan) who made funny noises that kids could mimic in the playground. There were never any toys in the u.k though which was a bit gutting. Anyway, drawings. The only other thing to say is that I dropped a bit blob of ink in the top right corner of “The Caucus Race” and so I stuck my thumb in it and made it into a fingerprint and then drew a fluffy bird on a tree ’round it.

The Caucus Race


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