Wot are they all about? Part 2.

Down the rabbit holeO.K, I don’t know how long I can keep up this one blog a day malarky as there are way too many trainers (sneakers to my american chums) and little plastic toys to ogle on the interweb but here we go. Illustration number two. Alice falling down the rabbit hole. I was thinking of two things really here, a little bit of a homage to the Disney version with the falling past furniture and general clutter of living and the idea of gomi. Gomi, as much as I understand it is the notion of that shiny, must have, thing that soon becomes replaced with another shiny thing.

I tried to bury a selection of what were once shiny must have items amonst the walls that alice falls down, including a Super Nintendo / Super Famicom , a gramophone record player and a Dusty Bin from the classic 80’s uk gameshow 3-2-1.

I find it comforting to think that everything I look at and can’t afford will eventually become worthless tat in a charity shop or landfill, our desires and insecurities seem totally rooted in the idea of now. To paraphrase Sun Tzu’s ancient Chinese saying, “If you wait by the river long enough, you will see the bodies of all your enemies float by.” You could now say, “If you stare at the window of Cash Converters long enough you will see all you consumer electronics marked down”


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