Eh? What’s that? I want one!

These are the words that pop into my head every once in a while. Shortly followed by a great deal of head scratching while I try and find a way of getting hold of whatever it is and / or finding the money for it. In this instant, there was the typical problem of it being in Japanese and virtually all in kanji, which for anyone with an ascii keyboard and little clue about speaking Japanese is nigh on impossible to search for on google. This little fellow turned up on a search whilst researching a painting. At first I thought it was from some old t.v show I has never seen along the lines of the Moomins but as I dug further I found out that it was relatively recent, being the creation of someone going by the name of kinokosupa whoever that is. It took another couple of digging attempts to find anywhere that you could actually buy anything. At which point I needed a lie down in a dark room. The puppets are all one of a kind and retail at around £300. At which point I slunk away to lick my wounds and nurse my inadequate bank balance. So if you buy one, I don’t want to know but you can get stuff at


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