Three Wee Things

On a day like Christmas Day when we are inundated by  (if we are lucky) piles of new stuff.

I thought I’d show you some things in my possession that are so tiny that they would easily get lost amidst the torn wrapping paper and thrown away. None of these things came to me at Christmas, the rabbit appeared on my window ledge about 60ft off the ground from who knows where, the elephant through my letterbox as a surprise present from a friend and the chap on the toadstool is actually a sculpture by the artist Takashi Murakami, who believes that art can come in any size (about and inch and a half tall) , that I bought myself from Japan.

It is usually at this point that someone publishing something on Christmas day starts spouting (or sprouting) something about the true meaning of Christmas. But my gift to you is that I won’t. Happy Christmas!


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