We’re only here for the pier.

I just thought say a few words about The Hastings Pier Shop. It is a truly remarkable place run by the rather congenial David Francis, known throughout Hastings and St Leonards as Ukelele Dave. It is situated in what was the Arthur Green bespoke tailors shop along the Hastings seafront not far from the area known as the Trinity Triangle and boasts a remarkable grand interior from a more elegant age, being fitted out in scrollwork and many drawered glass display cabinets.  It even has a cave in the back to add to it’s already surreal nature.

It’s primary function is to raise money and awareness for the restoration of the now somewhat charred Hastings Pier and features the work of many local artists, designers and makers (including myself) who sell their wares here with a portion of the profit going to the Hastings pier’s eventual rebirth.

If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, please stop by and have a look around. I’m sure you will find it interesting.


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