Zen and the art of model making.

Being of a certain age, I have warm and fuzzy memories of spending my free time making Airfix kits. And it always was airfix, not Heller or Revell, I was even a member of the airfix model makers club as sponsored by Dick Emery, the great seventies comedian. Every few years I get bitten by the model making bug and years I end up with a wonky creation with a streaky paint job and that barely resembles the lovely artwork on the box. It seems that the eight year old me was a lot less judgemental of their handiwork.

This all change recently when I was trying to find a pain free way of introducing my twelve year old nephew to the joys of model making, the Japanese model kit. More specially the Gundam series of kits from Bandia. All the parts are colour coded and there are wonderful little rubber ball and socket joints so that your creation is posable. However, the most important part is…. It doesn’t need glue! Yay!

They come in different grades, the zenith of which is the perfect grade. Models of this quality have over a thousand parts and little light bits. The kit pictured here is just the common or garden type which is a tenth of the price. Even so it is far superior to the kits of my childhood. A fair compromise is the master grade, which works out at about £40 and is a good compromise between price and cool factor. I know what I’ll be getting myself for crimbo this year.


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