Obscure toy of the week: The Space Monkey

Space Monkey Qee

Space Monkey Qee

Trying to do research on anything on Dalek a.k.a James Marshall is a bit tricky. Any of the usual search terms bring up the more famous Daleks from Doctor Who, which are also pretty darn cool. Up until the release of his most recent collection for qee, trying to pick up any of his vinyl or resin creations on ebay was a thankless task of trawling through the hundreds of ‘other’ Daleks.Resin Space monkey Sculpture So this is what I know, and if it’s wrong I apologise profusely. Dalek has done numerous pieces for all the major toys shapes. Notably a signature range of Dunnys, two series of Spacebots for Toy2R which were variations of the standard qee shape and also versions of the Fatcap and Jamugo’s Buds.  However, in my opinion, James’ best toys are the Space Monkeys. There have been a number of versions of these from the early Sony Capsule art range through to a set of limited edition works that would more accurately be described as sculptures. Probably the best ones are the ones that are still relatively easy to pick up, The Space Monkey Qees.

Compared to the standard Qees, these are a lot weightier, all of which is in their gigantic specially moulded heads. There were fourteen made in total and there wasn’t a duff one in the set. They all feature the trademark Dalek combination of cute and savage, of large Disney eyes and bleeding bullet wounds. They also all look just as good from the back as from the front, often being double faced. A word of warning though, some of them are quite rude. They turn up occasionally on ebay and it is possible to still pick up a few retail if you want to dig around.


Qee Space Monkey


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