Colouring in for grown ups

Nike air Mogan designed by meFor the past few days I’ve been stuck at home with the dreaded Swine Flu. It turns out that the dreaded lurgy has just made me a bit spinny headed, so, lucky me! er, yay?

Anyway, even being flaked out on the sofa watching Buffy for the umpteenth time loses it’s shine after a while. So I’ve reverted to one of my more expensive daft pastimes, Trainer painting. Unfortunately, not being made of moolah I haven’t got spare blank ones to hand, so I have ordered a shiny white pair of Puma’s to daub over and have been making mock ups with the aid of photo shop. For you lot out there with money though, there is a much easier and less messy way of doing this via the miracle of the internet. Both Nike and Puma have online design your own trainer service. You can have endless hours of fun turning out countless designs in any colour-way you fancy. Converse have a version to, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to ship outside the states, plus their standards international shipping charges would probably make it cheaper to fly of and pick them up yourself anyway.

Word of warning, they aren’t cheap but even if you don’t decide to buy it is an amusing way to while away a couple of woozy hours while smitten with flu.

Puma Mongolian BBQ

Custom Pumas from the Mongolian BBQ

Puma Mongolian BBQ (make your own shoes)


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